How R U, I am NOT but I am when U R with me

When U R with me, “I am” and even more, the safety of having an NT-human being so close, opens the door to the complete playground of the earth, what a perfect guide!

How R U, I am NOT

hello how are you

I am NOT

Thats the only honest answer I can give to a question of such a type. Not that this answer could seduce any NT, but it is the truth for me. How NTs look at themselves and provide you with a story of how they feel is a quality I do not have!!
People get saturated from the social incompetences of Aspies!
How to educate your close relations in the wrongplanet citizens “way of seeing and perceiving the NT world“?? So often I hear how intense my environment has to adapt everything to my weaknesses, my demands, situations with one goal in mind: to make me happy. I do not need huge extra adaptations from anyone, if only they would be aware of some basic patterns, Aspies use a different language for communicating:
1. Although my facial expression looks as if I am born without any feeling, I am very emotional, very sensitive.
2. The words you use, are taken literally, word by word. Even the way you put them is captured.
3. Negative words you might be using, to get rid of any emotion are captured as negative.
4. Words, sms, mail, any text with positive connotation is captured at least twice as intense as you might have coded them with! We Aspies adore these signals. They often reflect the only mirror to ourself.
5. Aspies make the life of their environment stressfull but dont forget, the struggle aspies have to deal with every second of the day on this planet must feel like being dropped on mars for the rest of your life.
6. Most depressions follow from this struggle and from the pain you see your relatives have to cope with your unadapted logics.
7. Aspies only want “to give” to be convinced they are wanted and needed on planet earth.
8. Aspies love to love and be loved.
9. Aspies burn much of their energy to try to adapt to the environment as much as they possibility are able to.
10. Aspies are a result of a neurological development disorder, they don’t like what they have at all.